Saturday, June 6, 2020


Among the 4 word sentences that parents (or grandparents) hate to hear is, "I tore my shirt!"  So what do you do? Throw it out? Use it for a rag? Not this Mamaw! I fix it! Here's my DIY with Easy-sew directions and photos.

How did this happen?

Grandson Alex was swinging during recess at school. When he stopped swinging, he ran, and the shirt ripped because it was caught in the metal swing chain. His teacher told him not to tell his Mom! This was a favorite shirt that Daddy had bought him, and of course, he was upset. 

At home, he waited until he had eaten a snack before he told me about the incident. He was "putting it off" as long as possible because he thought I would be mad. He asked if I could fix it. 

Decisions, decisions!

I looked the torn shirt over carefully. The right sleeve was in shreds! Here's my thoughts:
  • I could mend it, but there was no way it would look right.
  • I could sew another sleeve in place of the torn one, but it would be almost impossible to match the fabric. Contrast sleeve, perhaps?
  • I could cut out both sleeves and make a tank top.
Alex and I agreed the the 3rd idea would be best solution, so here's how it went!

The "Fix"!

I used sharp scissors and carefully cut both sleeves along the seam lines.

I used my serger to stitch along the armhole edges. If you do not have a serger, a zigzag stitch may be used.

Next, I turned the shirt inside out. I turned the armhole edges under 3/8", pinned, and steam pressed.

Ms. Nancy's Tip: If you use pins with plastic heads, make sure you do not iron over the heads! See photo below for pin placement.

Then, I stitched about 1/4" from the folded edge, steam-pressed, and it's done!

What does Alex think of his tank top?

Alex loves his new shirt! He said, "I love it because it's summer, and it's hot outside. It's a tank top, and I stay cool outside!" 

Every time since that day, before he gets out of a swing, he said he looks back at his sleeve to make sure it isn't caught. Lesson learned!

Alex swinging is his "new" shirt!

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