Tuesday, June 30, 2020

DIY "No-Sew" Curtain

Have you ever said, "I don't sew! I can't make anything!" If so, this Blog Post is for you! Included are step-by-step directions and photos to create a curtain without a stitch! It's so easy!

Dilemma: This extra large cubby shelf is great for storage, but it's aesthetic value is lacking! Daughter-in-law Ashley needs lots of storage for her "TOT -Teams of Tomorrow" business. This room functions for several purposes - storage and a place for classes and videos among other things, so she wants it to look extra neat.

Solution: Make a curtain! Since Ashley doesn't sew and do much crafting, she asked me to make the curtain when I visited. I had never made a "No-Sew" curtain, but I was willing to try!

With a shopping trip behind me, I had all the necessary materials: Decorator Fabric, Heat n Bond Hem Tape, and Industrial Strength Velcro. I would use Ashley's all-purpose scissors, Jacob's retractable steel tape measure, and a box to use as a straight edge.

Good news! This decorator fabric is heavy so it eliminates  "see-through". Also, it's very wide, so I only needed one width to cover the shelf!

Ready? Set? GO!!

First , measure the shelf that will be covered by the curtain. Add 2 inches to the width measurement. Add 2 inches to the length measurement. 

Ms. Nancy's Tip: There will be a 1 inch hem on the top and 2 inch hem on the bottom, and the finished curtain will be about 1 inch from the floor. 

Fold the fabric evenly lengthwise and use a box as a straight edge to mark the top and bottom with a fine tip Sharpie. Cut along both of the marked lines. 

Cut a 1" piece of scrap fabric and follow package instructions to iron the Heat n Bond Hem Tape between the strip of folded fabric. 

It worked for me! It was a very tight bond! I'm impressed!

To make it easy to fold the fabric for the hems, cut a 1" strip of poster board to use as a folding template.

Fold side edges under to the backside 1" and steam press down both sides of the fabric panel.

Follow package directions to apply Heat n Bond down the pressed edges on both sides.

Using the folding template, fold the top edge under 1 inch and steam press. Apply Heat n Bond.

Measure and pin for the curtain hem. Steam press.

Allow 2 inches for the hem. Use a ruler to measure and cut remaining fabric. Apply Heat n Bond to the edge of the fabric hem.

Time for Velcro!

Follow package directions to clean the shelf where the velcro will be applied. Attach 1 part of the velcro to the shelf.

Attach the matching piece of velcro to the top hem of the curtain.

Check package directions for "wait time". When ready, attach curtain to shelf. 

Stand back and admire your work. 

It looks great, doesn't it? 

Can you believe it was this easy?

Ashley's "No-Sew" Curtain!

Are you thi
nking what I'm thinking?
  • With clip-on curtain rings, this could be a large window curtain - 
  • Or smaller for a Cafe Curtain
  • Or a Valance
  • Or a Wall Hanging
  • Or a Room Divider!

The possibilities are endless!!

What will you make? Please comment below!

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