Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Jeans to Cuffed Shorts: "Sew-Easy"!

It's often difficult to find that perfect pair of shorts, or maybe you find some that are just too expensive. Here's how to easily turn a pair of clearance rack jeans into very stylish cuffed shorts! It's quick and "sew-easy"!

I guess I am a little picky (did I say that?) when it comes to clothes. I had found a pair of cuffed shorts in a store advertisement, but there were a couple of problems with those shorts:
  1. They had a waistband and zipper. I prefer elastic waist or pull-on pants.
  2. The jeans in the store advertisement were about $30, and that's more than I wanted to pay.
Soon after that, I just happened on a clearance rack with 2 pairs of pull-on jeans in my size, and I bought them both! At $7 each, I couldn't resist! One pair I kept as jeans, but the other pair-----

would be .....

cuffed shorts!  

F I N A L L Y ! !

The first step in the transformation is to determine the new length.  You can use some simple math skills to figure all of this out.

Try the jeans on and put a safety pin at the point where you wanted the length to end up. 

Ms Nancy's Note: You will still need to know how much fabric it will take to make the cuff. My granddaughter Mia had a cute pair of cuffed shorts, and I measured her shorts to help with the new length of mine. I unfolded the cuff on hers and determined that the total length required is 2 inches, so add 2 inches to your shorts length, and mark on your jeans.

Next, cut the extra leg fabric off at the correct angle. You can lay a pair of shorts on top of your jeans to help with the cutting angle. Cut 1 leg.

Ms. Nancy's Tip: Using spring loaded scissors makes it easy to cut through several layers of denim at one time.

After you cut the first leg, fold the jeans legs together. Match the top, sides, and inside seams before cutting the second leg the same length.

Measure twice; cut once!

Finish the cut edges of the shorts by serging, or you could sew with a zigzag stitch.

To form a cuff, measure, fold and pin the shorts legs 3/4" to the outside. Steam-press well.

Now, measure, fold, pin, and steam-press the shorts legs 1-1/4" to the outside over the previously pressed edge.

At this point, make certain that both legs are even!

Finally, on the outside sew along the side seam line through the cuff. Sew the seam twice, backstitching at the beginning and end of the seams. Sew along the inner leg seam the same way.

Optional:  The shorts were a little loose above the cuffs, so I tried them on again and used a safety pin to mark how much I needed to "take them in" for a better fit. Sew a new seam, trim it, and serge the edges.

Press, and you are done!

I love my cuffed shorts! They are comfortable, stylish, and fit very well.

And, an added bonus, they were only $7.00! 

I'm loving my new cuffed shorts!

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