Sunday, August 21, 2016

My New "Found" Pantry

Do you need extra storage space in your kitchen? We certainly did. My husband, Charlie, had a great idea for a "found" pantry that created more storage space and organization! Here's the results! 

Needed: More storage space in the kitchen! 

Solution: We had a small closet that contained our hot water heater in the Utility Room beside of the kitchen, and Charlie had a brainstorm: Turn the closet into an extra pantry!

Before: Old hot water tank
in a closet

First, we had to clear out the space. The old hot water tank had to be drained before it could be taken outside.

It's amazing that the old tank was even working! There was a lot of sediment in the pipes.

We purchased a new, larger, hot water tank, but it will not be installed in the closet. Instead, it will go... the attic! 

It's tricky getting a large tank in an attic, but Charlie had measured carefully and said it would work. Let's hope that he is right! He says he is always right!

I had found the name of a Handyman on to help with the job. He built a sturdy platform out of 2" x 12" lumber for the new tank in the attic.

A large square drain pan was then added.

The new tank fit! The Handyman did the plumbing and wiring on the new tank.

Now back to the closet.  The old pipes and drain lines were removed and re-plumbed into the attic. The remaining holes were covered.


The old floor was cleaned.

Now it's finally time to get started turning the closet into a great new pantry! We measured the containers that would be on each shelf to decide how far apart each shelf should be. Charlie then installed 2" x 4" boards by anchoring them into the studs. 

Tip: Don't forget to allow for the depth of the shelf boards when measuring!

Ready for shelves!

Charlie then attached 1" x 8" boards to form the shelves, 2 boards deep for each shelf.

I used my Mouse Sander to sand the boards smooth. I also rounded the outside edges to eliminate any splinters.

Daughter-in-law Heejin and I installed the peel and stick tile to the floor. This is a little tricky, so it's nice to have a helper!

New floor

The last step was applying shelf liner. Easy Liner Brand Shelf Liner (smooth top) was used because it's thick, has a "grip" bottom, and it's machine washable!

Now it's done! We have so much storage space! A total of 6 shelves were added, along with storage under the bottom shelf. 

Tip: The top shelf is not as deep as the other shelves, making it easier to place items on that shelf.

The white crates were bought from Walmart, and the white baskets from Dollar Tree. A large rolling bin under the bottom shelf is handy for larger items.

Large Kitchen Wrap

I love this Can Rack Organizer for canned foods! It holds up to 36 cans.

This 5 ft. Over Door Storage Basket Rack holds lots of crackers and snacks! I attached extra Command hooks to keep the shelves from moving when the door opens and closes.

I love all the extra "found space" that this pantry provides. Look around your home. You may find some hidden space!

Snack Time, anyone?

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