Monday, August 8, 2016

Deluxe Kinder Mat Cover with Attached Blanket & Pillow DIY

Need a one-of-a-kind Kinder Mat Cover? ...and a blanket? a pillow? Check out my unique design to create a deluxe model that combines all three. My Deluxe Kinder Mat Cover, created from purchased curtain panels, features a Mario theme for grandson Alex, but any theme will do. Photos, templates, and detailed directions are included. "Nighty nighty!"

Vintage Fabric from when
my boys were Mario Fans!
Contrast fabric - cut from 
the bottom of the curtain panel

Step 1: Pillow Cover


1/2 yard of cotton or cotton/polyester fabric.
1/4 yard of contrast (or cut from curtain panel)

Note: If you are not using contrast fabric, purchase 1/2 yard of fabric for the Pillow Cover.


Cut a rectangle 39-1/2" x 13" (See templates below). Cut a 9" x 13" rectangle from the contrast fabric.

Fold the right long side of Pillow Cover Contrast fabric under 2-1/2" and press. Turn under 3/8" on the end and hem.

Note: If using curtain fabric, the contrast can be cut through the existing hem of the curtain, eliminating the need for an additional hem.

Turn under left side edge of Pillow Cover 3-1/2" and press, creating a flap. Turn edge under 5/8" and press. Turn edge under 1/4 ", and sew a narrow hem. 

Pillow With right sides together, sew Cover Contrast to Pillow Cover at "C", using a 3/8" seam. Finish seam with a zigzag stitch. Press seam toward Pillow Cover. 

Turn fabric over and top-stitch through all layers. Trim edges, if needed.

With right sides together and flap folded in, fold Pillow Cover along Fold Line. Sew a 3/8" seam across the top edge. Finish seam with a zigzag stitch. Turn to the right side and press.

On the outside, pin and sew a 1/4" seam across the bottom of the Pillow Cover, and set aside.

Step 2: Mat Cover


Curtain or sheet fabric - or -

1-1/2 yards of cotton or cotton/polyester fabric 


Cut 2 rectangles from the curtain panels, using the measurements below. 

Turn under both bottom edges 5/8" and press. Turn edge under 1/4 " and sew a narrow hem. 

Lay the Kinder Mat Cover "B" flat with right side up. Lay the top side of the Pillow Cover on top of the top of the cover with raw edges even.

Lay the top of Kinder Mat Cover A on top with all raw edges even. Pin and stitch, using a 3/8" seam. Stitch again along the same line. Finish seam with a zigzag stitch.

Unfold. Fold and pin pillow edges to keep them free from stitching when the sides are stitched.

Fold the bottom flap of KinderMat Cover A to the inside along fold line. With right sides together, pin Cover B to Cover A. Stitch both sides, using a 3/8" seam. Leave the bottom open. Stitch again along the same line. Finish seam with a zigzag stitch.

Turn to the right side.

Step 3: Blanket


1 yard of washable fleece (Walmart, $2.97/yard)
matching thread


Cut a rectangle 36" wide and 46-1/2" long. 

Turn under 5/8" to the wrong side of the fabric, and pin on all 4 sides. Sew a straight stitch about 1/2" from the folded edge on all 4 sides, "squaring" the corners.

Tip: Fleece does not ravel out when cut, so you do not need to "zigzag" the edge or turn it under two times before sewing the hem. 

With right side up, pin and stitch one long side of the blanket to the left side of the Kinder Mat Cover. Stitch, leaving approximately 5" un-stitched at the bottom (so that the flap is free).

Insert the Kinder Mat in the cover and fold the flap to cover the end.

Step 4: The Pillow 


1/3 yard cotton or cotton/polyester fabric
Polyester stuffing
matching thread


Cut 2 rectangles from the pillow fabric (19-1/2" by 12"). 

With right sides together, pin the 2 rectangles together. Machine stitch 3/8" from the edge on all 4 sides, leaving a 4-inch opening on one long side. Reinforce the corners by stitching twice. 

Trim the corners close to the stitching line. Turn to the right side and press, pressing the open edge under 3/8".

Stuff the pillow firmly. Pin and machine stitch the opening closed.

Insert the pillow....

           into the attached pillow case, and.... 

It's Finished!!

Alex loves it!

The pillow can easily be removed for washing the Deluxe Kinder Mat Cover.

For storage, first fold the blanket together...

...and then fold the Kinder Mat with the pillow on top.

Good Job, Alex!

Optional: You can make a attached "belt" to wrap and Velcro around the folded Kinder Mat.

I made this belt from the curtain "Tie-backs"!

Determine the length needed, cut to fit...

Sew to join the 2 parts. French Seam is optional. 

...add Velcro to the ends, and sew the center to the hemmed edge of the bottom flap of the cover.

Sew to the bottom flap.
Velcro closed!

Sweet dreams about Mario!!
Nighty, Nighty!

Ms. Nancy's Notes: 
  • This Deluxe Kinder Mat Cover involved many steps. If you have any questions, please comment below.
  • Here's another version with one fabric (Spiderman) for the pillow cover and mat cover that I made for Adrian.  

Have no fear! Spidey is here!



  1. What size map does your original Kinder Mat Cover fit? I'm looking for a design for a 24 x 48 x 1.5 inch nap mat.

  2. I used the basic size Kinder Mat (19" x 45"x 1"). If you want to use a larger Kinder Mat, you could easily adjust the size of the fabric. Good luck and Happy Sewing!