Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's a Wrap!

Whether you call this a cape, ruana, or wrap, this low-cost fashion will definitely be great to throw over jeans or dressy clothes to warm you on those chilly days! This easy-to-make project can be made in any length and can be worn several ways for different looks. Directions for the "no-sew" and "easy-sew" versions with photos are included.


2-1/8** yards washable wool or heavy flannel fabric (60" wide)
Optional: 5" Single Fold Bias Tape and matching thread
Pin (corsage pin or large safety pin)

**Please note: You may wish to vary the amount of fabric depending on your height and the desired length.


Use the diagram below to cut the fabric. Be sure that both selvage edges are removed from the fabric.

Neckline Options:

No-sew Neckline:
Use the pin to fringe the neckline 1/2".

"Easy-Sew" Neckline: 
With right sides together, sew the bias tape to the neckline along the bias tape fold line. Press bias tape to the inside and clip the fabric so it will lay smooth.  Sew close to the edge of the bias tape.

Back View

Front View

Carefully use a hat pin or large safety pin to remove threads one at a time, creating the fringe. 

You can do the fringe any length that you like. My fringe down the front is 1/2", sides 1-1/4", and bottom 2-1/4".

Front Fringe 1/2"

Side Fringe 1-1/4"

Bottom Fringe 2-1/4"

Cape, Wrap, or Ruana??
You decide!!

Nancy's Notes:
  • If you don't like the fringe, the edges can be hemmed or serged.
  • Purchase extra fabric if you would like to add pockets and/or a hood or scarf.
  • Creating the fringe is a great "TV" or "take along" project!
  • I wash my wrap and dry it in the dryer. Fringe may be combed with a wide-tooth comb if you wish.

It's a Wrap!!

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