Friday, July 26, 2013

"Shaker" Pudding

 Here's a fun, fast, and easy way to create a delicious dessert for your family or class.  Everyone gets to help!  

Ingredients and Materials:
Instant Pudding (any flavor)
Large plastic bowl with tight-fitting lid (Tupperware works great!)
Masking tape
Individual dessert dishes, bowls and spoons, or Ice Cream cones

Optional toppings:  Chocolate syrup, Chocolate chips, M&Ms, sprinkles, Mini-marshmallows,  etc.

First, add the instant pudding mix to the bowl.  Follow directions on the Instant Pudding box to add the correct amount of milk to the bowl.  Put the lid on tightly, and add tape for "security"!  (I once ended up with chocolate pudding from nose to knees!!)

Next, stand in a circle.  Take turns holding the bowl and lid tightly and shake the bowl vigorously up and down 5 times.  Pass the bowl to the person on your right, and he/she shakes the bowl 5 times.  Continue shaking the bowl and passing to the right around the circle until the pudding is thick.  

Finally, when the pudding appears thick, carefully remove the tape, stir, and check. When pudding is the desired thickness, pour it into bowls or cones, add toppings, and enjoy!!  

Noah great idea??  Add chocolate syrup!
Mia thinks the pudding is yummy!

Alex likes vanilla pudding in a bowl!

Aleyna likes sprinkles on her pudding.

Nancy's Notes:  

  • You may refrigerate the pudding to get it thicker, if desired.

  • For a large group, you will need more than 1 large bowl.  For example, when I did this activity with an elementary school class, I usually had 4 bowls and 4 groups with each group containing 4-6 children.

  • You may divide the pudding mix and/or milk into small cups so that everyone can help pour the ingredients into the bowl.

"Shaker Pudding" with grand-kids is great fun!!

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