Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Retirement Feelings - Last Parish Paycheck

July 31, 2012

Announcement:  My RETIREMENT is now official, especially since I received my last school paycheck yesterday.  

It’s difficult to believe that after 31 years of teaching (which unofficially includes being a counselor, nurse, nutritionist, diagnostician, mediator, judge, etc.) in two states (West Virginia and Louisiana) in grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and Special Education, that my teaching career is at an end.  

At this point, it seems strange that I am not busily preparing for the beginning of school by decorating my classroom, etc., but I am still getting more Doctor-advised “rest time” due to medical conditions.  The decision to retire was very difficult, but my illness since January has made it very obvious that this is the right decision.   

What will I miss the most?  
The smiles and hugs; guiding children to explore, think, learn, and be creative as well as independent; and “light bulb” moments when the kids say, “Now I get it!!”  From the first day of school, I always told my class that they were the best in the school, and they always were!  

What will I not miss?  
Lesson plans, grading papers, meetings, paperwork, and especially the extreme STRESS, particularly due to preparing students for the LEAP Test.  

What will I do when I am fully recovered from my illness?  
I am not sure, but I have many ideas, and my family have given me ideas, also.  I know I will continue to teach Sunday School this fall.  As my son Jacob has reminded me, “Mom, God is not finished with you yet.”

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