Friday, July 19, 2013

"Exploding Shape" Mosaic Art

Welcome to Ms. Nancy's Art Class!  

Today's project can be easy and challenging as it requires creative thinking and visualization!  Individual results will vary depending on the age of the child.

Construction Paper (for background)
"Exploding" paper:  
    Scrap booking Paper, wallpaper scraps, magazine pages, etc.
White kid's glue
Different shaped containers 

First, go on a "shape hunt" and gather 3-D containers with different shapes. We used an oval, circle, rectangles, and an octagon.

Next, choose a sheet of construction paper for the background and a sheet of "Exploding paper" (see suggestions above).

Then, choose the shape that you want to "explode".  Use the shape you chose as a template to trace around on the "Exploding" paper.

Carefully cut out the shape.

Now, imagine what your 2-D shape would look like if it exploded!  Cut the shape into as many pieces as you wish.  

Finally, arrange the cut pieces on the construction paper in the same shape as you originally started with.  When you are pleased with your design, carefully lift the cut pieces one at a time and glue to the construction paper.

Exploding Octagon

This younger artist said her exploding shape looks like
a bicycle, a 4, and a glob!

Another use for the shapes:  drums!

Nancy's Notes:
To make the gluing easier, we squeezed glue onto a foam plate and used a craft stick to apply glue.

Exploding Rectangle

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