Sunday, September 6, 2020

Anniversary SURPRISE!!

Anniversaries are special, no matter how they are celebrated. Enjoy the pictures and memories of a surprise anniversary party for parents Joshua and Natalie planned by 2 of my grandsons - Lucas (who was 6) and Landon (who was 3). 

I was on my way home from an appointment and shopping when I got the first phone call. It was from my son Joshua. "Mom", he said "I just wanted to give you the 'heads up' so you will be prepared. Lucas is going to call you on his I-Pad". He went on to tell me that Lucas wanted to have Joshua and his wife Natalie an Anniversary Party. Lucas was planning for Joshua's company to pay for the party since Lucas considers that JustTech is his company, too. When Joshua told him his company does not pay for things like that, Lucas got upset.

"Then I'm going to call Mamaw on my ipad!" he said. I told Joshua I would talk to Lucas and take care of it.

The next call was from 6-year old Lucas. The conversation went something like this:

"Mamaw", he said, "You need to help me. I've got the door locked so Mommy and Daddy won't hear me. Me and Landon are going to have a surprise party for Mommy and Daddy for their anniversary!"

My husband and I were planning to visit the next day along with "The cousins" for a belated birthday celebration for me, so this would work out well. Joshua had already planned to order pizza.

I told Lucas I was on my way home, but I could stop and buy what he needed. "Okay, Lucas", I said, "What do you want me to buy?"

"A cake that says Happy Anniversary", he answered. When I asked what flavor, he said he wanted the cake to be 1/2 vanilla and 1/2 chocolate. That could be a problem. Since he wanted the surprise celebration the following day, there was no time to bake or to order a cake. Also, I was really limited as to shopping places on the way home: Walmart and a Dollar Store.

I explained all this to Lucas. "Lucas, I'm sorry, but you will have to choose one flavor, and I will have Happy Anniversary and their names put on the cake. Now which flavor do you want?"

Now this is where the story gets really funny. "Okay. I want chocolate", Lucas said. "Landon, we can only have one kind of cake. What kind of cake do you want? Vanilla or chocolate?"

Landon answered (in his sweet 3-year old voice), "'Nilla!"

"Okay, Mamaw", Lucas said, "we want chocolate!" I tried not to laugh!

From then to the end of the conversation, Lucas consulted with Landon about everything I asked, Landon "baby-talked" a reply, and then Lucas told me what he (Lucas) wanted. Yes, they needed mints, special napkins, and plates. No, they didn't need drinks because they had plenty in the refrigerator in the garage. It was so cute to hear their conversation!

And about presents, Lucas wanted, "one of those things that you hang on a tree".

"Do you mean an ornament?" I asked.

"Yes! That's what you call it! Mommy likes those!" Of course, it had to say Happy Anniversary. He also wanted "one of those things that you set up or hang on a wall", also with Happy Anniversary, and it had to say from Lucas and Landon. Thank goodness, I'm a crafter! I was mentally scanning my craft room options for materials for these projects!

Of course, he wanted cards! That should be the easy part!

I couldn't find Anniversary gifts, so I would have to make them. I did buy a small canvas and an easel at the Dollar Store. I quickly searched and found out the traditional 10th Anniversary gifts are Tin and Aluminum, which stand for flexibility and durability. I definitely had some silver cord and paint in my craft Room, so I was anxious to get home and begin.

At home, I found a wooden "J" (Yes!)! I drilled a hole in the top with my hand-crank drill. 

I painted it silver to become an ornament. I used a black permanent pen to add the wording. A silver cord tied in a knot finished it off. One project done!

"one of those things
that you hang on a tree"

I used a wide point permanent pen for the wording on the small canvas.


Lucas and Landon were so excited when we arrived for the party the following day. Two of their friends and parents were there to help celebrate. After the pizza, they closed the doors to the dining room to keep Mommy and Daddy out while we decorated for the party. I had brought a few decorations from home, and the boys approved! 

Okay, for the record, I just grabbed a package of balloons from a drawer and didn't realize they were Happy Birthday until the adults started blowing them up! Oh, well! Everyone makes mistakes once in awhile. The kids loved them!

Joshua and Natalie were "appropriately surprised" and told the boys they did a great job! 

They really liked the gifts and cards.

And finally the important part, it was time to eat cake! Although Landon originally wanted vanilla, he really enjoyed the chocolate cake.

Celebrate! It's Party Time!

Funny Faces, anyone?

Hooray! We did it!
(Landon is still eating cake!)

If you are planning a Surprise Party and need some First Class Helpers, just call Lucas and Landon. They are a great team and know how to get the job done!

Happy Anniversary, Joshua & Natalie!
Happy Anniversary, Joshua and Natalie!

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