Sunday, August 30, 2020

Red Trucks- Keep on Truckin'!

Do you have a fascination for Red Trucks? I certainly do! My interest in Red Trucks (or any trucks) began many years ago, before the current Red Truck obsession! Check out my Red Truck Collection, and enjoy my memories!

So how did my passion for trucks begin? Mom always had a nice family car, and Dad always drove a truck. His truck always seemed  to "stand out", especially with Dad's air horns and other unique gadgets. He called himself a "jackleg mechanic", and he could listen and know what was wrong if his truck (or anyone else's) was not cooperating. Cars were made for family trips, shopping, etc., but trucks, now that was a different story. Trucks were used for hauling logs to build us a swing set or stilts, for bringing a Christmas tree or new furniture home, for hauling rocks and sawdust, and many other things. Before the Seatbelt Laws were in effect, Dad hauled "riders" to and from work in the back of his truck. Of course it had a cover over it. Sometimes on weekends my siblings and I were allowed to ride in the back of his truck on the little seats that he built to keep his "riders" comfortable. That was so much fun! 

Dad's last truck was a 1986 red Ford truck. He drove it until shortly before his death in 2019. He could have bought a new truck, but he didn't want to. Everyone knew him and that red truck! Click to read more about Dad's "new" Red Truck

My niece Leslie attached a decorative wreath and American flags to the front of his truck and drove it in his funeral procession with the air horns blaring!

When my husband Charlie and I were dating, he sometimes drove his dad's red 1969 Chevy truck. After we were married, our first "new" vehicle was a red pickup truck, a Chevy Luv. It was rather small, but we really enjoyed it. A few years later we bought a red Ford truck (F100) that was bigger so we could add a truck camper. After several years of tent camping, we felt like we had joined the luxury "Big League"! There was no stopping us now! 

My husband still drives a truck today, a Chevy Silverado. He has had a total of 5 trucks: 2 Chevys, 2 Fords, and a Dodge Ram Diesel. There was a brief period when he drove a Chevy Tahoe, but the yearning for a truck finally got the best of him!

I started collecting red trucks a few years ago, and my collection continues to grow. There's just something about trucks, especially Red Trucks!

A lot of my red trucks are Christmas decorations, but many can be used year round.

A special gift - Red Truck Advent Calendar

This Red Truck was an online purchase that looks old but is not! I can change its "load" throughout the year. It stays parked on the extra chair in my Dining Room.

Red Truck on the corner of the chair
toward the basket

On one wall in my Dining Room, I change pictures throughout the year with, you guessed it, trucks!

Dining Room Wall - Christmas

This Red Truck is part of my Village of porcelain houses. You can read about it here:

Village with Red Truck

Red truck pillow from Cracker Barrel

Red Truck with Tree makes this arrangement Christmas-y!

Snowballs for winter

Although this is not a traditional truck, I love this picture that I bought at a Antique Shop with a Morton Salt barn and a mail truck!

Dining Room Wall - Winter

Dining Room Wall - Spring & Summer

This year I added a Red Truck Flag to one of my flower gardens. It looks at home with my wagon wheel.

I bought this Red Truck at Walmart. I love how it looks so old! I can change the flowers for different seasons and/or holidays.

Dining Room Wall - Fall

My latest Red Truck was a real find at an antique shop. It is very old and very heavy. 

I have more Red Trucks that are not shown, like several Christmas ornaments and a key chain, and I plan to continue to add to my collection. I admit it! I am proud to be addicted to Red Trucks!

Red Trucks - Keep on Truckin'!


  1. I never knew you were a truck collector. Thanks for the tour of your collection.

    1. You are welcome, Germaine! This collection actually started in recent years, after our move. I love those red trucks!