Tuesday, May 26, 2020

"Dual-Theme" Mario/Pokemon Birthday Party

With 2 siblings born about 2 weeks apart, it made sense to have one party, until the year that they wanted different themes! That's how the "Dual-Theme Party" came about! Read how we did it!

It was inevitable that the day would come: Granddaughter Mia and Grandson Alex wanted different themes for their parties! In fact, Alex said he had never had a party before! We didn't realize that since he had never chosen a theme, Alex felt the parties had been for his sister only.

After much discussion, it was decided that there would be 2 themes for the party, and probably have separate parties next year.

Here's how daughter-in-law Heejin and I pulled it off!

2 beautiful, delicious cakes:


2 types of cupcakes with custom fondant decorations:

2 types of specialty cookies:

Lots of food, friends, and outdoor games 
(along with perfect weather):

Tic Tac Toe

Lawn Jarts

Water Bottle Bowling

Face Painting by Heejin:

Lots and lots of Presents:

And a "Dual-Themed" Pinata:

Who is that Mario Fan
behind the Pinata?
And, of course, there were party bags.

Thanks for coming! 
It was a great party! 

For directions for the "Dual-Theme" Pinata, go to:

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