Thursday, May 21, 2020

DIY "Dual-Theme" Birthday Pinata

Here's the dilemma: 2 siblings born about 2 weeks apart, so it makes sense to have their birthday parties together, right? That worked until the year they couldn't decide on a theme. Is it possible to have a dual-theme party? Yes, it is! Here's how to make a "Dual-Theme" Mario and Pokemon Pinata from cereal boxes for the party!

Materials and Equipment:

2 large cereal boxes of the same size 
1 additional cereal box (slightly wider, or a gift box, or poster board)
2" wide masking tape (good quality)
crepe paper streamers in 2 colors
Elmer's white glue
4 colored pictures (for decoration)
rope or cord


Box A

Cover the working area with large paper or plastic tablecloth.

Label 2 same-size boxes "A" and "B".

Remove the top flaps.

Measure and use a Sharpie to draw a line from top to bottom down the middle of the box.

Draw a line 9" from the bottom of the box on all 4 sides.

Cut along the 9 inch line around the box. Save this piece of cardboard. Cut down the middle of the box along the line. Cut from the middle to each corner at the bottom of the box.

Glue and tape the bottom box flaps as needed.

Box B

Remove the flaps from the top of the box. Use a Sharpie to draw a line 5 inches from the bottom edge of the box. Draw another line 9 inches from the bottom of the box.

Cut along the 9 inch line all around the box. Save this piece of cardboard.

Cut down each of the 2 front sides to the bottom edge.

Cut along the 5 inch line (front only).  

Attaching Box A to Box B

Slide Box B inside of Box A. Measure to make sure all sides are equal. Trim Box B, if needed, so it will fit into Box A.

Glue and tape the cereal boxes together with wide masking tape, making sure that all sides are the same width. (See photos below.)

Ms. Nancy's Tip: Do not use clear tape! Glue will not stick to it.

Tape the inside of the box along seam lines and bottom edges.

For extra stability, glue the 2 strips of cardboard that were cut from the tops of the cereal boxes to the inside of the box. Trim the excess. Use clips to hold securely until dry.


The Box Lid

Use the box that is slightly larger than the other 2 boxes to make the lid.

Measure the width of the box. Draw a dotted line this length from the bottom edge. Draw a solid line 1 inch from the dotted line. Draw a solid line 1 inch from the edge on the remaining 3 sides. Cut along the solid lines.

Use a ruler to lightly score and fold lid along the dotted line.

Glue the 2 corners together, and use a paperclip to hold.

Put the lid on the box, and adjust lid if needed. Remove lid. Let dry completely. 

It's time to make this creation look like a real pinata!

Fold crepe paper streamers into manageable lengths (about 12 inches), and make cuts about 1/3 of the way up, about 1/2 inch apart.

Starting at the bottom, use white glue (like Elmer's) to glue the top of the cut streamers in rows around the box. Overlap each row to cover the top of the previous streamer. It makes it easier to cut each streamer at the end of each row. 

Tip: Since this is a dual pinata, you can cover 2 adjoining sides with one color streamers, and use another color for the remaining 2 sides. 

Optional: You may cover all sides with the same color or a combination of colors.

When you are about 2 inches from the top of the pinata, stop wrapping the streamers until the top is added. Let dry.

When glue is dry, turn the box on its top. Glue strips of paper streamers across the bottom of the box.

On 2 opposite sides of the box, mark a "dot" in the middle, about 1 inch from the top of the pinata.

Use a compass or other sharp object to carefully punch a hole through the dot on each side. Thread lightweight rope or heavy cord through the holes. 

Add the candy! 

Fill the Pinata with an assortment of candy and small prizes.

Add the top. Add cut streamers to the remainder of the sides of the Pinata.

Cover the top with strips of cut streamers.

Attach the pictures. 

We did 2 adjoining sides Pokemon, and ...

2 adjoining sides Mario!

It's Party Time!!

Who is that Mario Fan behind the Pinata?

How did the "Dual-Theme" Birthday Party turn out? To find out, and for photos and tips, go to:

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