Friday, April 24, 2020

The "Drive-by" Birthday Party

A "Drive-by" Birthday Party? What is that? That's what I asked my son Jacob when I first heard about granddaughter Abby's forthcoming party. With COVID-19 and Social Distancing going on, a traditional birthday party was simply out of the question. Read how Abby's Daddy and Mommy turned what could have been a very disappointing event into the "best birthday ever"!

With Abby's birthday rapidly approaching, she was disappointed that she would not be able to celebrate her birthday at school. She was also upset that she could not invite friends to her home for a party. She tearfully told me her news on the phone one evening, and my heart was breaking for her. Little kids feel things so deeply, and we all tried to help ease her hurt. I mailed her cards and ordered gifts early to make sure they arrived on time.

Abby's Daddy (my youngest son, Jacob) tried to figure out how he could make the day special for Abby. He thought of a Drive-In Movie, but there just wasn't enough space. Suddenly, Jacob had a brainstorm! 

"A Drive-by" Birthday Party!  

Jacob and daughter-in-law Ashley sent e-mails and texts to friends, family, and teachers asking them to "Drive-by" at the designated time on the party day, stop on the street in front of their house, and tell Abby, "Happy Birthday"! They were told that no gifts were necessary, just please Drive-By! They could park and talk for about 5 minutes while practicing Social Distancing. Pre-packaged Rice Krispie Treats would be given out to those who attended. Abby wrote a special message on a small white board, "Thanks for Driving-By!"

On the day of the Drive-by Birthday Party, excitement was in the air! Abby and her family were ready for a fun day! 

Abby's special "Thank you" card!

Coach Ponzio and Duke
Heidi and Jeremy -
Abby's sister Aleyna joins in the fun!

The Gibson Family

Her wonderful teacher -
Mrs. Gearner

Paper airplane birthday cards from
the Brooks family
Abby's best friend painted this for her.

Alex and Joanna  
Medlock & family
Nana and #1 and Facetime with
Aunt Meagan and Uncle Ryan

Brynn Hendrick and Will Hendrick 
even had signs!

Church BFF 

Miss Grace decorated with streamers,
but they blew off on the drive over! 
Ms. Robin and Miss Lara
drove by Wednesday.

Abby's fabulous Art Teacher,
Ms. Hancock

Ashley's Facebook PostThanks to a super creative Daddy, and amazing friends, family, and even teachers, Abby felt so loved on her early birthday celebration! Her “drive-by birthday party” was a success! (If you happen to be out grabbing groceries any day this week and want to drive by and honk, let us know and we will be sure to be outside! Her birthday is Saturday!😁)

Two weeks later, it was Abby's sister Aleyna's birthday celebration. 

Another Drive-by Party? Of course!

Ashley's Facebook Post: Happy 9th birthday to our sweet Aleyna. We started celebrating over the weekend and began her “drive-by birthday party”.

Aleyna's treat to visitors was prepackaged chips.

Her BFF was the first one to drive by!!!
She was so excited to see her!!
We love Coach Ponzio!

3rd Grade Teacher Parade (with dogs)! 

Ashley, Abby, and brother Jack
enjoy the parade!

Nana and #1, and even Barkley

Denise and Reese

More friends stopped by all day!
Another Friend!

Heidi and family
Alex, Joanna, and
Medlock Family

BFF came back on her actual birthday
with a sign and a piece of cake 

Robin Olson and Lara Cohen

Both girls were all smiles on their Drive-by Party days! The parties weren't the norm, but very memorable! Everyone had fun, party prep was easy, and there was no mess to clean up!

Thanks for Driving-by!