Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Fabric Face Mask DIY

Are you looking for an easy-to-sew Fabric Face Mask? Try this DIY with step-by-step directions and photos. Post also includes tips for mailing. Stay safe and healthy!

Materials and Equipment:

Lining Fabric
Non-Woven Interfacing
Single-fold Bias Tape
Elastic - 1/4" or 1/8" (14 inches for each mask)
Wire (24 gauge Florist Wire works well.)
Straight pins
Wire Cutters


For each mask, use the dimensions on the templates below to cut 1 piece of outer fabric, 1 piece of lining fabric, and one piece of non-woven interfacing.

Use wire cutters to cut a piece of wire 9" long. 

Bend the wire until the ends touch, and cross the wire about 5/8" from the ends. Tightly twist the ends of the wire together. Pliers make this step easier!

Fold the wire flat. Pliers are helpful for this step.

Optional: Use a small piece (1" x 1/2") of Gorilla Tape to cover the twisted end of the wire.

Cut 2 - 7" pieces of elastic for each mask. Tie an overhand knot in the ends of the 1/8" elastic only.

The Assembly Line!
Cut a 5" strip of bias tape. Use a pencil or pen to mark the center of one long side of the lining piece. Mark the center of the bias tape strip.

Turn one end of the bias tape under 1/4" and pin to the lining about 1/2" from the long edge. Pin the bias tape to the lining.

Bias Tape Assembly Line!

Starting about 1" from the end of the bias tape, sew around the 2 long edges and 1 folded under end.

When you are about 1" from the end of the bias tape, raise presser foot and insert wire. Fold remaining end of the bias tape under 1/4", and sew around the remaining edges.


Pin both ends of a 7" piece of elastic to each short end of the right side of the lining, about 3/8" from the corners.

Make a "fabric sandwich"; interfacing on bottom, outer fabric with right side up, lining fabric with right side facing down. Right sides of the fabric will be facing each other. Pin around the edges, marking the opening opposite the bias tape strip.

Leaving 3" open, sew around all sides with a 1/4" seam. Backstitch at beginning and end of seam.

Trim corners. 

Turn to the right side. Lining and outer fabric will be on the outside; interfacing will be on the inside. Carefully push out the corners with slightly rounded end of scissors. Fold fabric in opening in 1/4" and pin. Steam press all edges flat. 

Okay, did you notice this fabric is different?
I forgot to take a picture of the WVU!
Mario to the rescue!

To make pleats, measure about 1-1/8" from the top, and mark with a pin. Fold under and make a pleat about 1/2". Next pleat will be about 1/2" to 5/8" from 1st pleat, and will be about 1/4". 

Repeat for the 3rd pleat.

Ms. Nancy's Tip: You may need to pin more than once to get the pleats even.

When you are satisfied with the pleats, fold mask together, and repeat pleats on the other end.

Starting on one short end, edge-stitch around all 4 sides. Stitch the pleated ends a second time. 

Fold the pleats, and steam press on both sides. 

Completed mask

Kids love the fun designs!

More favorite designs!

More conservative designs??

To mail the masks, cut a mailing envelope in half lengthwise. You can then insert the masks and tape the long opening closed with Heavy Duty wide clear tape. Four or more masks easily fit in one envelope.

Ms. Nancy's Tip: It is easier to address the envelope before the masks are inserted.

Stay safe and healthy!