Wednesday, March 4, 2020

DIY: My "Torn Fabric" Rag Wreath

My "Torn Fabric" Rag Wreath is so much fun to make! It's an easy craft that you can "lay down" and "pick up" again without reading a pattern! My wreath is made mainly of lightweight denim and chambray, but any lightweight woven fabrics will do. Happy Crafting!


18" Wire Wreath Frame
Lightweight Fabric - about 3 yards, or four - 3/4 yard lengths for the picture shown above
Optional: large crochet hook


Remove the selvages from both sides of the fabric. Measure and make 1" cuts 1-1/2" apart on one end of the wide part of the fabric. Cut or tear fabric width-wise into strips. Cut the torn strips into short strips 9" long. 

Ms. Nancy's Tip: If you make your wreath from more than one color, do bundles to make the wreath more uniform. Depending on the weight of the fabric, bundles can have about 32-35 strips each.

Attaching to the Wire Wreath Frame

Fold 1 strip in half.

Place the center of the folded strip over 1 wire of the wire wreath.

Insert the ends of the strip around the wire and through the center of the strip. A large crochet hook can be used, if needed, to pull the ends of the strips through.  

Pull the strip ends tightly, creating a Larks Head Knot around the wire.

Continue tying strips on every wire until the whole wreath is covered.

Ms. Nancy's Tip: I put about 32-35 strips in each section.

Almost done!

It's done!

Ms. Nancy's Notes
  • Wreaths can be made from 1 color or a combination of colors of fabrics.
  • Seasonal and/or holiday fabrics can be used, as well as sheets and leftover fabrics.
  • A large torn fabric bow can be added.
  • Wooden shapes can be hung from a thin rope on the wreath or the door hook.

My "Torn Fabric" Rag Wreath

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