Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Memory Tree

The Memory Tree - just what is it, and how did it start? Enjoy the story!

It all started after Christmas when my Dad had a fall and his injuries prevented him from putting the large Christmas Tree back in the attic. Now what do you do with that large tree? Dad's girlfriend Cathy started decorating the tree...

For Valentine's Day, the tree was decorated with red hearts, red lights, and photos of Dad & Cathy.

For Easter, she used plastic eggs and sunglasses with rabbit ears attached. it looked like "cool" bunnies were hiding in the tree amidst the colorful lights!

As Memorial Day drew near, Cathy was listening to a a song on the RFD channel when she got a great idea for the tree. The song was "Gathering Flowers for the Master's Bouquet".  As she listened to the song, Cathy decided to make a Memory Tree - complete with photos of family members who had passed away. She thought this would be a special way of keeping their memories alive.

She uses colored jumbo craft sticks to make the frames for the photos. These sticks were chosen because they are lightweight and would not be too heavy on the tree. A hanging cord is tied and attached at the top of each frame, and the photo is glued into the frame. She then adds words and cutouts from Scrapbook sets to personalize each frame according to each person's likes and accomplishments.

She plans to add an index card to the back with pertinent information about each person represented on the tree.

I got to help with some of the ornaments for this project when I was visiting, and it was so rewarding and fun! 

Memory Tree, the beginning!
Standing with Cathy and the
Memory Tree

Here's the beautiful ornaments on the Memory Tree:

Cathy's Grandmother, Vernie Clark

Cathy's Grandparents, Benjamin and Maudie Harless
Cathy's dad, Ray Harless
Cathy's brother,  Patrick Scott Harless
Cathy's husband, Jimmie Chambers
Cathy's cousin's husband, Jimmy Sauro
Cathy's sister-in-law, Sandy Harless
Cathy's nephew, Eric Harless
Cathy's nephew, Travis Harless
Cathy's brother-in-law, Mike Doss

Cathy's brother-in-law, Jimmy Estep

Cathy's Uncle Roy Harless

Cathy's Uncle Roy's Wife, Lucille Harless
Cathy's Aunt Virginia Meadows

Cathy's Aunt Nugaline Clark

Cathy's Aunt Betty and Uncle Ralph Brown
Cathy's cousin, Rebecca Brown
Cathy's cousin, Sam Riddle
My Mom, Bernice Shamblin
My Grandparents, Jessie and Dessie Shamblin
My Grandparents

My Grandma Dessie Shamblin
My sister-in-law, Jayne Shamblin

My Uncle Virgil Shamblin

My Uncle Joe Paxton
My cousin Patty's husband, Larry Caudill
My Uncle Ray Shamblin

My Aunt Imogene Shamblin

My Aunt Madeline and Uncle Johnny Stephens

There was still room for some special photos from the Shamblin Reunions of long ago at the old home place:

Cathy and Dad

At first she planned to keep the "Memory Tree" up until Christmas, but now she may keep the Memory Tree as a year-round decoration. The memories of these special loved ones will last forever.

The Memory Tree

Other suggestions for decorating a year-round Tree:
  • Winter: Snowmen and snowflakes
  • Mardi Gras: Beads, Masks, coins
  • St. Patrick's Day: Green hats, leprechauns, coins
  • Mother's Day: Bows and Flowers 
  • Father's Day: bow ties, handkerchiefs, working gloves
  • 4th of July: Flags and Americana Ornaments
  • Summer: Sea Shells
  • Halloween: Pumpkins, witches, ghosts, and goblins
  • Thanksgiving: Turkeys, Pilgrims, Indians 

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