Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Help me be the DIY Star!!

I want to be the Home and Family DIY Star! Please help me realize that dream. Directions, photos, and a link to "like" the video are included for the easy craft that I demonstrated, Stained Glass Tissue Paper. Happy Crafting! 

I knew I wanted to enter this contest, but there were several obstacles: 

  • This would take me out of my "Comfort Zone".
  • I've done so many crafts, so what would I do for the video?
  • How would I get the filming and editing done?
  • I've been very busy lately (babysitting grand-kids, etc.) How would I have time to do all this? 

My son Joshua said he could do the filming at his house while I was there visiting and babysitting, so that was decided. I have materials for so many crafts at home, but I didn't have extra space in my luggage for them. I knew I would have to be creative, but I still didn't know which craft I was going to do. 

A few days before the actual filming, I had a "light-bulb" moment. I would to do some easy crafts with materials I could buy cheaply at Dollar Tree.

Below are the materials that I bought at the nearby Dollar Tree: Tissue Paper, 2 glass containers, a picture frame, brushes, glue, and twine. The total cost for the materials for all 5 crafts was about $7.00! I had lots of tissue paper and glue left for next time!

Materials from Dollar Tree

I covered a folding table with craft paper for the video, but the table was too short.

The solution was to put 12 DVDs (in cases) under each leg. This raised the table height to 36 inches. Perfect!

I wrote everything out for the video, and I read the script while Joshua timed it. Unfortunately, t was too l-o-n-g. The video could only be 60 seconds, and that goes really fast! I rewrote it several times, and finally it was okay, with a few seconds to spare. Those few extra seconds would be very beneficial for the editing.

Joshua filmed in "clips" and took some "still shots". He first filmed the beginning of the craft. Filming stopped until the crafts were completed. After everything was dry, he filmed the remaining segments. The video shows how the tissue paper was applied to the containers.

Here's the finished projects before the embellishments:

Vase in light green and blue
"Fishbowl" container in pink
Peanut Butter jar in brown

Back side of the framed art

Poster board Tissue Paper Star 

Finally, everything was dry, so it was time to embellish! I am really pleased with how all the crafts turned out!

Green and blue vase with twine bow
Pink container with raffia bow
and flowers

Peanut Butter jar with green twine

Framed tissue paper landscape

It was such a relief to be done with the crafts and filming. This was all done in a matter of hours, and Joshua and I were rather exhausted! Several unrelated incidents had also happened during this span of time, and it was a long day!

After Joshua arranged the clips, we had a chance to see the unedited video. Grandson Lucas watched the video over and over again, saying, "Yes!" at the end every time! He told me he wanted a star, so of course the star is now hanging in his bedroom! I donated the other crafts to Joshua to decorate his new office.

I flew home Tuesday, and when I landed and checked my phone, there was a message from Joshua announcing that the editing was finished. Eric, one of Joshua's employees, had edited the clips and photos into a professional quality, 59 second video! 

The Louisiana grand-kids watched the video, and I loved their responses and expressions. At the end of the video, Alex said, "But, Mamaw, I wanted to be in your 60 second video!"

Mia quickly responded, "You can't be in it, Alex! You're not a Super Model!" I have told her that she is a Super Model when she models some of my fashions on my blog.

I asked Alex what he wanted to do on the video. He wanted to hide under the table and jump out yelling, "Hi, I'm Mamaw!" when I tore the tissue paper. He said Mia could jump out and yell, "I'm Alex!" This would have given the video a different twist!

Win or lose, this was a great experience, and I am so glad that I entered. Special thanks go to Joshua - I couldn't have done it without him! Also, thanks to Eric for the editing.

I've had many comments. One of my favorite comments is, "You know what I'm doing now? I'm going to Dollar Tree. Seriously, this would be great for Mother's Day. She'll think I spent a lot of money!"

Please view, "like", and comment on my 60 second video of Stained Glass Tissue Paper by clicking below:  

Hurry; the contest ends Friday, April 15, 2016.

You can sign in through Facebook, or create a quick account, verify via email and click "Like My Application".

Remember, if you enjoy crafts and DIY, 
you ARE a star!!


  1. Very crafty and smart lady..always anxious to go for a new challenge.

    1. Thanks so much! This was a great experience: challenging, but fun!