Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dr. Seuss Costume - Thing 1 DIY

It's time to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday! If Dr. Seuss were still alive, he would be 112 years old today, and his wonderful stories continue to entertain and inspire us. Need a costume? Here's directions and photos for an easy "Thing 1" costume that I made for grandson Alex's Pre-K "Dress as a Dr. Seuss Character" day. Easy-sew and No-sew directions are included.

First, I found an image of the "Thing 1" symbol on the internet and sketched it onto white copy paper. 

Next, Thing 1 needs red pants and shirt. I found the red pants for $1.50 at a resale shop and the shirt at Walmart for $3.47. I washed and dried both item before continuing. Total, $4.97, not bad!

Then, I followed manufacturer's directions to iron Pellon WonderUnder paperbacked adhesive web (available at craft and fabric stores) onto a piece of white cotton woven fabric. I placed the fabric over the "Thing 1" symbol, and it showed through the fabric. I weighted the edges so the fabric would stay put, and I used a black fabric marker to trace and color the symbol.

Next, I cut out the symbol. i then carefully peeled the paper backing off the WonderUnder. Then, I centered the symbol on the shirt. Again, I followed manufacturer's directions to iron the design onto the shirt. I ironed it from the backside, also.

When it cooled, I checked the edges, and it worked! The fabric with symbol is now fused onto the shirt.

I used my sewing machine to sew a close zigzag stitch around the outside edge of the design. I re-ironed the design after sewing.

No-sew: eliminate this step. 

Here's the finished shirt! It matches the pants perfectly!

Since it was a cool day, Alex wore a red shirt under the "Thing 1" t-shirt. A long sleeved t-shirt could be used for the "Thing 1" shirt, also (if you are lucky enough to find one!!).

Last was the hair. The search for blue hair spray was on! Luckily, I found the last can of turquoise hair spray at Sally's for $5.50. Mom Heejin styled and colored his hair. The lady at Sally's assured me it will wash out. We will find out tonight!

And how does Alex like his costume? I think these pictures tell it all!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!!

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