Friday, July 10, 2015

Make a Kazoo!

Let's make a kazoo! It's a super-fun lesson which includes Art, Science, Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, and Music! We made ours in red, white, and blue to celebrate the 4th of July, but you can choose any theme for decorating yours. Use my easy-to-follow directions and photos to easily create a low-cost kazoo with your child or class! Have fun crafting!


Cardboard tube
White paper
Markers and or Crayons
Waxed Paper
Rubber Bands


Measure the length of a cardboard tube. Measure the distance around a cardboard tube and add 1/2". Cut a piece of paper to that size. 

Use markers and/or crayons to create a design on the paper.

Glue around the edges of the back of the design, and make a glue "x" through the center.

Lay the cardboard tube on top of the rectangle, and roll the paper around the tube, making sure that the edges are even. Add extra glue along the edges if needed.

Cut 2 - 4"  squares of waxed paper. Center one over one end of the cardboard tube and secure with a rubber band. Carefully punch holes in the waxed paper.

Use the second 4" square of waxed paper to cover the first and secure with an additional rubber band.

Optional: Cut off extra waxed paper and glue edges of waxed paper to the tube.

Your Kazoo is complete! Now it's time to hum a song!

Hum, hum hum hum hum hum, hum, hum!!!

Integrated subjects:
Art - Creating a unique design
Science - Vibration and Sound
Social Studies - Click here for the history of the kazoo.
Math - Measuring
Music - Just hum a song!
Language Arts - Write about it!

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