Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Sew-Simple" - Shorten Those T-Shirt Sleeves!

T-Shirts: Long-sleeves to short-sleeves? It can easily be done using these "Sew-Simple" directions and photos! I found a long-sleeved t-shirt for my grandson Noah on a clearance rack at 80% off, and it was well worth the time I spent to shorten those sleeves! This techniques also works well for hemming the bottom of t-shirts, pants, etc. No-sew options are included.

Noah loves his new shirt, but there was one problem: I found it on a clearance rack in the summer, and it's long-sleeved! He didn't want to wait for cooler weather to wear it, so it's Mamaw to the rescue!

AWESOME ENDS WITH ME t-shirt - (before)

First, I laid a t-shirt that fits Noah on top of the new t-shirt. 

I measured the existing short-sleeved t-shirt hem to be 7/8".  I marked 7/8" on my seam gauge and cut the sleeves off, leaving 7/8" for the new hem.

Using my seam gauge, I measured, turned, and pinned the sleeve edge to the under side of the shirt. I steam-pressed the edge, being careful not to iron over the pin heads.

I turned the folded edge of the sleeve to the outside of the sleeve, leaving 1/8" of the edge exposed. Working from the inside of the sleeve, I used a hem stitch to sew around the sleeve, removing pins as I sewed.

Tip: If your sewing machine does not have a "hem stitch", you could use a long zigzag stitch or do a hand-stitch hem.

Last, I steam-pressed the hem on the inside and outside of the sleeve.

Nancy's Notes:

  • This was a rather simple job, and it turned out well. Noah loves his "Awesome" shirt!
  • This techniques also works well for hemming the bottom of t-shirts, pants, skirts, etc. When using a fabric that ravels, finish the raw edge with a zigzag stitch, or serge the edge before hemming.
  • No sew options: include Fabric Glue or Iron-on Hem Tape. Both are available at fabric and craft stores. Follow directions on each package for application.  

AWESOME ENDS WITH ME t-shirt (after)
It was "Sew-Simple"!

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  1. Just wanted you to know that your instructions helped me out today, and I thank you ��

    1. I am always so glad to hear that my blog has helped someone. That's my goal! Check out the posts above and my other Sewing and Craft projects!