Friday, February 27, 2015

Personal Medical Information Sheet

Face it: going to the doctor can be stressful, especially if you are a new patient! You are told to arrive 20 minutes early to fill out paperwork, and you find out that's not nearly enough time! Check out my solution to make these visits less stressful: a "Personal Medical Information" Sheet! Next!!

If you have had a lot of medical history like I have, you will identify with the the following scenario:

You arrive at the new doctor's office 20 minutes early (as recommended), somewhat agitated because of traffic, road construction, and trying to find a parking space. You stand in line to "Sign In". Just as you are seated and starting to read an interesting article in a magazine, your name is called. You walk to the window, and the receptionist hands you a clipboard with a thick stack of sheets to fill out regarding medications, surgeries, allergies, injuries, current health conditions, etc. You are asked to list dates with surgeries, medications, etc., and you are frantically trying to remember every detail. Thoughts like this are going through your mind:

  • Okay, was this surgery before _______ was born? 
  • Did this happen the same year that we go the new refrigerator?
  • I think this happened before _____________'s accident, so it must have been ______??? 
  • Okay, I know what each pill looks like, but what is the full name of the RX? and the strength??

You are not even halfway through the forms when your name is called to go to the examination room. 

N E X T ! !

No wonder your blood pressure is now elevated!

This happened to me too many times, and I mentioned it to a friend who also has had a lengthy medical history. She said she kept a list of surgeries in her purse for situations like this. This suggestion sparked an idea: Create a "Personal Medical Information" form in "Word" on my computer! I have used this system for several years, and it makes doctor visits go so much more smoothly!

Prior to each appointment, I update the information with the new date and save the old information for reference. I also keep a copy of my Personal Medical Information in my purse for any emergency! Periodically, I e-mail this information to myself so I can access it from my phone if needed.

My Persona. Medical Information form
is formatted in "2 columns" and "landscape".

Now when I am handed the stack of forms to fill out at the doctor's office, it feels so great to write, "See Attached Form" across many of the categories!! 

Here is the information that I include on my form:

Title: My Name   Medical Information     (Updated 2/24/15)

Prescription Medications (List complete medication name, strength, and dosage.)

Non-prescription Meds  (List medication name and dosage.)

Surgeries (List each surgery and year.)

Allergies & Side Effects (This includes allergies to medications, foods, and skin allergies. I list the date and a brief description, such as rash, etc.) 

Injuries  (List each injury and date.) 


Other Information (List other significant health conditions and procedures)

Successful Antibiotics (This is helpful, especially if you are allergic to certain antibiotics.)

Recent Health Problems & Diagnosis (List conditions and dates.)

*  *  *  *  *

Additional Tips and Comments:
  • In addition to new doctor visits, I have found that this form is also very helpful for updating information at regular doctor appointments. Having this information listed is a lot easier than carrying in RX bottles!
  • Nurses and doctors love this system! I have been told many times that they wish every patient would do this!
  • Keep your insurance card with you at all times, or you could  attach a copy to this form.
  • It's also helpful to have a list of other doctors and Fax Numbers if results need to be sent to them.
  • I also list any questions and concerns that I may have on an index card. How many times have you returned home from the doctor and said, "Oh, no! I forgot to mention that!"

Now, I have plenty of time at the doctor's office. Okay, so where is that magazine that I wanted to read?

I hope this plan can help simplify your life!

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