Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fun with Super Bouncy Balls!!

Do you remember Super Bouncy Balls? Yes, they are still around, even in vending machines! Even in our Hi-tech world with online Bouncing Ball Games, they are still fun to play with! Try some of these "hands-on" activities! 

I found a bag of assorted Super Bouncy Balls that I had collected over the years, and the Grand-kids and I had a great time playing with them! Following are some of the activities that we played. Keep bouncing!!

Note: For each of the following activities, Super Bouncy Balls must be held equal distances from the floor before dropping.  

1. Drop a Super Bouncy Ball and count the number of bounces. Does the size of the ball affect the number of bounces?

2. Contest: Each person chooses 1 Super Bouncy Ball. At a signal, drop the balls. The last ball bouncing wins!

3. Contest Variation: Each drops 2 Super Bouncy Balls. The last ball bouncing wins!

4. Drop a Super Bouncy Ball. Time until the ball stops bouncing with a Stop Watch or timer.

5. Group the Super Bouncy Balls by: color, number of bounces, texture, etc.

6. Juggling

7. Jacks - If you still have a "Jacks" game, it's great fun to replace the regular ball with a Super Bouncy Ball!

8. Tabletop Sports - How about Football or Basketball with a Super Bouncy Ball?

ETC. - Make up your own!!

Let the bouncing begin!!

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