Friday, September 19, 2014

My "Outhouse" Spa

Welcome to my "Outhouse" Spa, my little piece of paradise in my own backyard! My driftwood decorations and antiqued walls make this a very interesting as well as relaxing spot! Enjoy your tour!

This "meandering" path was a Mother's Day present from my husband. I helped by pointing to where I wanted each piece of flagstone, and he did the rest!

Flower beds surround all 4 sides of the building which houses the "Outhouse Spa".

As you step inside, you will see a nautical birdhouse atop a favorite wicker table; the table was a yard sale "Find"! Beside the table is a flowerpot filled with seashells collected on beach vacations. Atop it is a bronze lighthouse clock which was a special gift from a friend.

"Time" to relax!

This beautiful stone fountain in the opposite corner was a gift from my oldest son.

I have quite a collection of driftwood from camping trips to WV lakes, so I decided to use it to decorate my Outhouse Spa Room. These two pieces function well to hold beach towels and robes.

I antiqued this new boat paddle and hung a fishnet over it to hold sea shells. I antiqued the walls with 2 shades of stain. I love how it looks with the cathedral ceiling. 

Behind this door is the "Outhouse". Come inside!

Below, another piece of driftwood can easily hold a hand towel.

This "S-Shaped" piece of driftwood is perfect to hold a 
wreath as well as toilet paper.

This piece of driftwood looks like a hand, and it is "hand-y" to hold a spare roll of toilet paper.

This Home Interior picture reminds me of favorite beach vacations with my family and friends.

This portable refrigerator is great for keeping cold drinks handy! The hand-woven basket on top holds tissues and another basket is used for Spa chemicals.


 And now for the spa! 
It is so relaxing!

Time to relax!

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my "Outhouse Spa"!

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