Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Monster Spray"

Is your child plagued by nightmares? Try my recipe for "Monster Spray"!
"A spray a day keeps the monsters away!"

Let's face it: nightmares are scary! Even adults sometimes have terrible nightmares! Especially for a child, nightmares can seem very real, so they need a real remedy! My solution? "Monster Spray"

All three of my boys had nightmares at sometime or another. The really bad nightmares for my oldest son began shortly before he was 3 years old.  

We had several Paddington Bear Books in our home library, and he loved to listen to the amusing adventure stories.

He especially loved his giant stuffed Paddington Bear that his Mamaw Fos had lovingly sewn for him, and at first he wanted to sleep with him every night. One night, however, it became a different story. During the night, I was awakened by ear-piercing screams and, "Mommy, help!!" In his nightmares, Paddington Bear came to life and turned into a monster bear! We tried moving Paddington out of his room at bedtime, but that didn't stop the nightmares about monsters. The result was disturbed rest as well as lack of sleep for all of us.

One night when I was trying to comfort him, I noticed something on a shelf. It was a small purse-size container of cinnamon breath spray. Suddenly, I had a Brain Storm!! "Hey, Sweetheart, look what Mommy found!" I said as I held him tightly. I had caught his interest, and he asked what it was. "It's Monster Spray", I said confidently. "Monsters hate this smell", I explained to him. "All we need to do is spray the Monster Spray in your bedroom before you go to sleep, and the monsters won't come near you." 

The next day, I even made a "Monster Spray" label and attached it to the container to further validate my discovery! 

This memorable episode was the beginning of our nightly ritual of using Monster Spray before bedtime. We made sure we sprayed it into the corners of his bedroom and anywhere he thought the monsters might hide. His nightmares became less and less frequent, but when they reoccurred, we used Monster Spray during the night. When the container was almost empty, I didn't panic, because of course I knew how to make more. I simply bought some cinnamon mouthwash, diluted a small amount with water, and carefully poured it into the spray container. I am happy to say it worked just as good as my original formula!

My middle son's nightmares about Cookie Monster started when he was about the same age. Fortunately, I had saved that small squeeze bottle. Monster Spray again came to the rescue, and peaceful sleep was restored!

By this time, I had shared the Monster Spray formula with family and friends, and it was helping eliminate lots of nightmares and restoring sleepless nights. Who knows how many kids it has helped? It's a shame I didn't patent my formula and sell it!

Finally, my youngest son was plagued about nightmares that a train was in his room. We did live near train tracks, so I guess those nightmares were inevitable! Miraculously, the Monster Spray even took care of those nightmares!

Monster Spray has now been successfully used with some of the grand-kids, so we are still shouting its praises. I have been asked if other mints work as well, and I don't know. The cinnamon really worked with our monsters, so why mess with a good remedy?

Always keep some handy, because you never know when you will hear spine-tingling screams during the night!

Sweet dreams!

"A spray a day keeps the monsters away!"

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