Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vacation 2013 Part 2: Washington D.C.

In Part 2 of Vacation, 2013, it is on to Washington, D.C.! The great thing about having family in different areas of the country is "Quality Time" visiting and lots of sight-seeing! Our son Joshua and his family live about 20 minutes from Washington, D.C., and there's always a different place to visit!

After our week's trip to West Virginia, we loaded the grand-kids, luggage, and snacks in the rental van, started the DVD player and the AC, and we were off again! 

Destination - Washington, D.C. 
Our "FEARLESS" driver

This time the trip would not take nearly as long - only approximately 6 hours, so we "experienced travelers" would be able to complete it in a day.

We took the "scenic route", which ended up taking a lot longer, but the scenery was beautiful! 

Wild, Wonderful West Virginia Mountains!

Seneca Rocks, West Virginia

As we neared Washington, D.C., the traffic started to pick up. When we moved from our rural area to the South, we thought we were in the "city" because we lived near a traffic light and finally had "Delivery Pizza"! Now we were experiencing what it is like to live in a real city!

We finally arrived! It was great to see our son Joshua, daughter-in-law Natalie, and grandson Lucas again! Unfortunately, the weather forecast was not great for touring! Our first "tour" was the Tysons Corner Mall! 

Train Ride at the Mall

All aboard!!
Home again "All tuckered out"

Finally, the weather cleared, and it was the perfect day for the Washington, D. C. tour!

The Washington Monument -
undergoing repairs from earthquake damage

The White House

Pausing for a photo at the World War II Memorial

Reaching for West Virginia!

My father-in-law honored

Please read the sign! No Swimming Allowed!

Resting in the welcome shade!

Korean War Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial

Abraham Lincoln


The Museum of Natural History

Dinosaur Bones!!

The U.S. Capitol Building

Carousel on the U.S. capitol grounds 

Smithsonian Institution Building -
Nicknamed "The Castle"

The Jefferson Memorial

Air Force Memorial

Finally, it was time for our long return trip home. We will always cherish the memories of this great trip!

Unique Stepping Stone at a
Mississippi Rest Area

Storm clouds over the Atchafalaya Basin

We are home! It was a great trip!
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Washington D.C. - Experiencing history, one step at a time!

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