Monday, October 28, 2013

Quick and Easy Halloween Crafts: Part 1, Jack & Boo

Are you looking for some quick and easy Halloween Crafts? These simple but cute paper crafts are perfect for last-minute kid projects, and can also be used for home and/or school decorations!

"Boo" Shadow Ghost

1/2 half sheet black construction paper
2 Reinforcement Labels
White Yarn

Place 2 reinforcement labels near the top of the black construction paper.

Use glue to draw a free-form shape around the ghost.

Place yarn over the glue and press lightly. Cut to fit and let dry. 
Optional: cut out the ghost near the glued yarn edge.

"Jack" the Paper-Weaving Pumpkin

1/2 sheet Orange construction paper
1/2 sheet Tan construction paper
scraps of black construction paper

Draw and cut a pumpkin shape on 1/2 sheet of orange construction paper.

Fold the pumpkin shape in half. Makes cuts about 3/4" wide from center across pumpkin, stopping about 1/2" short of the sides of the pumpkin. 

Unfold pumpkin. Cut 1/2 sheet of tan construction paper in strips about 5/8" wide x 6". Weave tan strips in and out through the orange strips, alternating starting over and under to create a pattern.

Continue weaving until entire orange pumpkin is complete.

Trim tan strips to match orange pumpkin edges and glue.

Add tan construction paper stem.

Optional:  Add black triangle eyes, nose, and a jagged smiling mouth from black construction paper.

Jack, the Happy Jack O'Lantern


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