Sunday, May 19, 2013

Read All About It!! (School Newspaper)

My 6th Grade Class raised their own spending money for a class trip to an amusement park and fund a class project. How did they do it? Read All About It!

My Sixth Grade Class needed a fundraiser for a class trip to Kings' Island. We held a class meeting and decided to start a school newspaper, which would be published monthly. 

Students were “reporters”, assigned to write stories about the school.  “Student reporters” wrote class news and sports news.  Some listed coming events in the school, while others listed the student birthdays for the month.  Students were in charge of typing the stories, editing, and publishing the newspapers after my final edit. They also added photos and clip art. 

After the pages were printed, students collated and stapled the newspapers together. Others sold the newspapers to the kids in the classrooms at our school of approximately 143 students, Grades K-6.  Students could buy newspapers individually, or subscribe for the year. The students kept records of who had paid for newspapers and total profit for each month.  

All in all, this was a great class project.  Students were excited about writing the stories, selling the newspapers, and especially about creating an original document.  

Since the school provided the paper, and the newspapers were printed at school, our cost was $0.00!The profit was greater than we expected, and we were able to fund a class project and divide the remaining money equally between the students. This activity resulted in some supplemental spending money for every student for the class trip!!

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