Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Full-Size Quilt "GROWS" to King-Size!!

"It's a shame this full-size quilt can't grow into a king-size quilt!" I moaned desperately.  Company's coming; new bed; new headboard; and no quilt - what a problem!  I loved the colors and style of the full-size quilt that had been on a guest bed. And then I had a brainstorm, "Hey, maybe this quilt can grow!"

My full-size quilt before it "GREW"!!!
So I quickly scanned my "stash" of leftover fabrics and found fabrics that would coordinate with my existing quilt.  Here's how I made my quilt "grow":

1.  First, I laid the full-size quilt on the king size bed and cut the sewn edges off the sides and bottom of the quilt.

Spring-loaded scissors make the job easier!
2.  I then measured the mattress to determine the desired "drop length" of the finished quilt, which was 14 inches.

3.  Next, I gathered together coordinating fabrics that were leftover from other projects.  I planned to have 3 strips and measured to compute the width of each, allowing for seams and hem. After prewashing the fabrics, I cut strips in the following sizes:

1st Row -   Barn red checked fabric (6 strips) 3 5/8" x 44"
                   2 squares 3 5/8" x 3 5/8"


2nd Row - Colonial blue "mini-dots" (6 strips) 8 3/4" x 43"
                  2 squares 8 3/4" x 8 3/4"  (see Nancy's Note below)


3rd Row -  Country blue print (7 strips) 4 1/2" x 44"
                    (no photo available)

4.  For fabric for the backing, I cut the elastic off a slightly-small cream fitted queen-size sheet that matched the backing of the full-size quilt.  I pressed the sheet and cut 14" strips the length of the sheet.  I seamed fabric to make the following lengths:
     Bottom - 14" x 79"
     Sides (2 strips) 14" x 91"  

5.  I cut quilt batting to fit the backing.

6.  I “sandwiched” the front side of the backing and batting to the wrong side of the quilt back and stitched using a 3/8” seam. I  pressed the seam toward the end of the quilt.  I sandwiched the sides, stitched, unfolded, and pressed in the same way.

7.  Working from the front of the quilt, I sewed strip 1 to the bottom of the full-size quilt with front sides matching. I unfolded and pressed this strip toward the outside edge. I sewed the 3 5/8" squares to the side strips and attached them the same way.

8.  Strip 2 was attached in the same way.

9.  Strip 3 was attached in the same way, except there was no square on the corners.

10.  I then trimmed the backing and batting evenly.  Working from the back of the quilt, I turned strip 3 under 1 5/8 inches; I turned the edges under 3/8" and stitched through all thicknesses, creating a hem.

11.  I cut 2 strips of fabric (14 1/2" x 3 3/4") in the Country blue print used for Strip 3 and used them to cover the raw edges at the top of the quilt.

My beautiful quilt is complete!!  It looks like it was 
always a king-size, and I love it with my 
rustic headboard!!

Nancy's Notes:  I thought I had enough "stash" leftover fabric for this project, but the Colonial blue mini-dotted fabric was a few inches too short.  This prompted me to buy a piece of barn red print and add squares on the bottom corners to my design.  I needed 
1/4 yard, and the actual cost was less than $2.00!! I actually had enough pieces of batting and basted these together to make strips. 

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