Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Customizing a Bed Sheet DIY


Customizing a bed sheet is "Sew-Easy"! My easy to follow directions and photos will help you create unique sheets that accentuate your child's (or your) personality!

When I made the Privacy Curtains From a Sheet DIY for grandson Alex, I was left with a bottom sheet, pillowcase, and scraps of fabric from the original top sheet. So what should I do with all that?

I bought a solid color flat (top) sheet, and used the scrap fabric from the curtain to create a unique top sheet for a one-of-a-kind sheet set! Here's how to do this easy project!


Twin flat sheet

Leftover fabric from curtain project 



Lay the flat sheet on a smooth surface. A cutting board is good for this.

Lay the wide piece of leftover fabric from the sheet on a cutting board or other smooth surface. Cut a straight line across the bottom of your fabric.

Determine how wide you want your decorative strip to be. Measure and cut across your fabric at this point, creating a strip. 

Do not cut off the hem on each end of the sheet fabric.

I wanted the strip to be 16" finished size, so I cut mine 17" to allow for the top and bottom hems.

Turn top fabric edge under 1/2" and carefully press. Repeat on the bottom edge.

Pin the top of the strip to the solid sheet at least 7-1/2" from top edge. Measure and pin the bottom edge.

Edge stitch 1/8" from top and bottom edges.

Sew along the existing side hem through the solid sheet. On my example, the side seam was 1/4" seam from edge. You may edge stitch through the sheets if desired.

Smooth and press if needed. You are finished!

This new custom sheet looks great with the Mario bottom sheet and pillowcase!

Ms. Nancy's Tips:
  • Prewash and dry the sheets before beginning this project. 
  • Always check the fabric content and manufacturer's directions before pressing/applying heat!
  • This project can also be done with any size top sheet and fabric. Just measure the width of your sheet before purchasing fabric. 
  • You can also use a sheet from a thrift store to personalize a sheet. Leftovers can easily make extra pillowcases and/or accent pillows!

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