Monday, July 27, 2020

Wooden Crate Shelves DIY

Do you like the rustic, farmhouse look? I live in a log home, and I like my decor to look rustic. That's why wooden crates really appeal to me. Check out this easy DIY for my Wooden Crate Shelves! Directions for 4 shelves are included in this post.

First, gather your crates! When collecting crates, I soon realized they are not created equally! They come in many different sizes, styles, and prices, so keep all that in mind when you plan your design. Also, check them over carefully before you buy! They sometimes have a crack, splinters, etc. 

I bought these crates at different stores, and they ranged in price from about $4.00 to about $12.00, but I also found a couple at a flea market for a song! Most of them were $10.00 each, so you can do a wooden shelf very inexpensively.  I did not paint or stain my crates, but that is an option. Also, I did not hook the crates together, and they are doing a very good job of staying in place! If I need to change the arrangement, it is very easy to do so.

Next, choose a wall! I planned to use a lamp with this shelf, so the plug-in is very convenient.

Now, have fun arranging and rearranging your crates!

For the shelf at the top of the page, first stand one crate on its end.

Put the second crate on its side beside of the first.

Stand a third crate up on the end of the second crate.

Lay the fourth crate on its side on top of the first crate and touching the third crate. The grandkids and I love how this creates a "Cubby hole"!

Put a fifth crate on top. My fifth crate was a "freebie". I was attending a workshop and was asked if I wanted this crate. YES!! It is longer and more narrow than the other crates, and I think it adds to the overall design.

Optional: Add a lamp.

I love the little "cubby" created by the crates!

If you don't like that design, just re-stack the crates!

When you are satisfied with your design, it's a good idea to add adhesive felt pads to the bottom crates.

Time to decorate!

These 2 shelves were laid on their sides and stacked. They were then filled with lidded organizers in my craft room.

This shelf is actually made from 2 shelves stacked together.  A different style of crate with metal trim was placed on top. For Christmas, a small evergreen tree was placed on the left and a metal tree on the right of the top crate.

Behind these crates (below) is a mass of wires from the stereo's "surround sound" coming through the wall, along with the plug-ins! This was in our home when we moved in, and it was such an eyesore! I thought about this dilemma for quite a while before I came up with a solution. 

I placed the stereo on a low chest and arranged enough crates on top to disguise those wires. One crate was turned on its side and placed backwards on the stereo to hold stereo equipment. Small crates hold CDs.

Chest note: This chest had a broken top drawer. After the broken drawer was removed, a piece of wood was nailed in place to fill the gap. I then stained it to match the chest. Baskets were them added.

My stereo unit!
I hope I have inspired you to craft with crates! May you never look at a crate the same way again! 


  1. Have looked for space saving storage for my tiny kitchen. These ideas have given me hope.

    1. I am glad you like my "Wooden Crate Shelves DIY" post. Good luck with your kitchen organization!