Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Ornament Nostalgia

I get a little nostalgic every year when I decorate my Christmas trees with my many unique ornaments. Enjoy viewing some of my handmade and extra-special ornaments - along with the precious memories! Links to directions for some of the ornaments is included. Merry Christmas!

Whether I'm putting up my massive Christmas Tree or the small trees, or taking them down, I always get a little nostalgic, and my eyes get slightly misty, when I see the many handmade and extra-special ornaments hanging on their branches. Call me sentimental, call me a dreamer, or call me a "cry-baby", and you are right! It's Christmas!

Our 1st Christmas together as husband and wife, with more love than money, my husband Charlie and I cut a live Christmas tree from a family member's farm in rural West Virginia. We bought, and carefully painted, a set of wooden ornaments and hung them on the tree along with some ornaments that my Mom gave me. We also "splurged" on a fabric girl ornament and rocky horse ornament.

1st Christmas

The Splurge!

We added a few ornaments to our collection each year, most of which were handmade. When each of our sons was born, we bought a special ornament with each son's name and birth date engraved on it.

Birth Ornaments
for our 3 sons

As the boys started school, they added more handmade ornaments to the growing collection. 

I made these stockings with bells for Joshua's Kindergarten class.

Letter from Santa enclosed!

These padded fabric ornaments were handmade by me for all 14 kids in my Sunday School Class. I hope they are still hanging their ornaments on their trees each Christmas!

I added embellishments to these Corn-husk Angels and gave them to my group of singers in BUM (Brushton United Methodist) Youth. Each year, the kids and some parents practiced diligently for weeks and performed special Christmas Songs at the Charleston Town Center. It was always a spectacular performance that was well received by shoppers!

The hand-made cross-stitch ornaments are especially lovely. The Deer Ornament (top-left) was made by a student's sister. A hand-tied Macrame Frame holds the tree ornament at bottom center. Cross-stitchers know these ornaments take a lot of time!

Cross-stitched by
Daughter-in-law Heejin

Among the many handmade ornaments is this beautiful Knitted Apple Ornament, created by Sister-in-law Carolyn.

Here's some of the wooden ornaments that I have personalized.

There's a variety of handmade wooden ornaments on my tree.

Clothespin Donkey
by Charlene

Clothespin and
Craft Stick Sheep

Clothespin Rudolph (2 sizes)

Rounded Clothespin Santas
Craft Stick Tree

Of the many fabric ornaments that I have made, this Stuffed Santa is one of my favorites. I made him from scraps of fabric that I had on-hand.

This "Faux Quilted Ornament" requires no sewing and is easy to make for all ages! For directions, click on the link above, or go to:

No Sewing Required!

I first made a Honeycomb Ribbon Angel Ornament when I was "snowed in" during a Blizzard at Canaan Valley Ski Resort in West Virginia. I was so excited to find a craft class to attend while my husband Charlie was in business meetings! For directions, click on the link above, or go to:

Here's one of my many handmade beaded ornaments. This one was made from a craft kit.

The "Have a Heart" Beads and Lace Ornament is my own design. 

For directions, go to:

The Beads and Lace Candy Cane Ornament is easy to make and low-cost. 
For directions, go to:

These wooden clothespin Ornaments remind me of annual trips to the Capital City Arts and Crafts Fair with special friends and family.

I bought this Deer Ornament for my husband one year when he didn't shoot a deer in the woods on his annual hunting trip!

This Nativity ornament was a gift from my Sister-in-law Jayne, who has since passed on. 

So many Christmas ornaments...countless Christmas memories...priceless!!!

When Christmas is over, I carefully take all my ornaments off the tree and pack them away until next year. I wrap them and put them in bags and boxes before placing them in a sturdy crate (marked "FRAGILE" on the outside). Of course, there are more nostalgic moments. Keep the tissues handy!

From my tree to yours,
Merry Christmas!


  1. Nancy, when I saw your set of hand-painted wooden ornaments and read your recollections of painting them the first year of your marriage, it really hit home for me. Glen & I painted that same set of ornaments the first Christmas we were married!

  2. That's so interesting, Germaine! I believe there was one additional "king" ornament that we donated to our church tree. Memories are priceless!