Monday, October 31, 2016

The "Basic Black" Cape

The "Basic Black" Cape - definitely a "must have" in your Halloween Costume Collection! Here's some history of how our family's "Basic Black" Cape has been used over the years. 

When I first made the Basic Black Cape "way back when", I planned to follow a pattern for a circular cape. The black fabric that I was planning to use had been given to me, and, unfortunately, the fabric just wasn't big enough. Being at that time a "Stay at Home" Mom with more creativity than cash, I decided to use the fabric that I had to make a new design: seamed down the back, longer in the back, and shorter on the sides. It was a definite improvement, and I loved the new look!

I believe the cape was first used as a Dracula Cape for son Jeff, but I've really lost count of how many times it was used for each of my three sons, as well as for myself.

Of the many times the Basic Black Cape was used over the years, here's some of my recollections:


My son Jeff wore the cape as Dracula, along with fake black nails and face paint, dripping with "blood"!

The witch and ghost on the table were made from Mrs. Butterworth's bottles!
L to R, Our neighbor Adam (Devil costume),
sons Joshua, and Jeff


The Zorro Costume was a big hit, especially with the Metallic "Z" appliqued on the front of the black shirt. The shirt had an opening in the back to easily slip over the head. The small opening was closed with a button, but it could easily be closed with velcro. I made elastic-waist black pants to go with it. 

I made the hat out of black poster board and secured it together with brass paper fasteners.  The black cape completed the look. 

My brother Larry loved this costume, but it didn't quite fit! He looks very dashing with the Black Cape draped around his shoulders!

Who is that Masked Man?

Cyclops Monster with Red Hair

Again, Jeff wore the black cape as a Cyclops Monster. This time, he wore black pants, a white shirt, and a bright red sash around his waist. Incidentally, that red sash also worked for Zorro's costume another year!

Sons Joshua (Batman), Jeff (Cyclops Monster),
and Adam (WV Football Player)

My 3 sons: Jeff, Jacob, and Joshua

For the Magician costume, Joshua wore a white, button-up, shirt and black pants. The top hat was made from black poster board, secured with brass paper fasteners. For the wand, I painted a dowel and added glue and glitter to one end. He looked quite the professional! (I'm still trying to find a photo of this one!)

Witch (me)

Okay, I am certain that you have figured out that the picture below in the Witch Costume is not me . This is my puppet, Witchy-Poo, who went along to help me read to my granddaughter Mia's class at school. I wore a witch's costume with the Basic Black Cape!

Now, the grandchildren love to wear the Basic Black Cape for "Dress-up".

Grandson Alex at 2 yrs.
Last year for Halloween, grandson Alex, a big Mario Fan, wore the cape to be "Flying Luigi"! Now that was different, but fun!

Grandson Alex
Grandson Alex, granddaughter Mia,
 and grandson Noah

So how will the cape be used next?

This year granddaughter Mia is going to be a Black Cat, and, you guessed it, she has mentioned that the cat needs to be a "Flying Cat" with a black cape!

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