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The "Mamaw Cookies"

"Mamaw Cookies" - What's that? Grandson Lucas has renamed my special cookies, and now it's catching on!  Included is the "how" and "why" of "Mamaw Cookies", and also links to the recipes! 

I love to spoil my grandchildren, and I love to bake cookies, so naturally the two seem to go together! I bake a lot of cookies at my house. Noah, Mia, and Alex prefer the Chocolate "Mamaw Cookies"!

We love chocolate!

When I visit the grand-kids, I bake cookies. 

Lucas with his first Mamaw "Cookie"!

Mamaw Cookies!

When I can't visit, I often mail cookies. Lucas and his family live the farthest distance away, so theirs are often mailed.

When I mail cookies to Lucas, I always write "from Mamaw" in large letters on the box with a Sharpie, and add an address label underneath. I write his name in big letters with a Sharpie, too, along with his address so he knows he has mail from Mamaw! I always get such nice "Thank You" calls and videos!

I guess that's why Grandson Lucas started calling them the "Mamaw Cookies"! When a package is delivered, he is disappointed when it is not cookies! (Okay, I usually send them in a recycled Amazon box, so I guess that is confusing!)

One day I received an almost tearful call from Lucas. "Mamaw", he said, "Saturday I get chocolate milk, and I need "Mamaw Cookies" to go with it, and I don't have any "Mamaw Cookies".  So what did I do? Like any "Super Mamaw", I went straight to the kitchen, baked cookies, and mailed them the next day! Yes, they did arrive by Saturday - just in time for the Chocolate Milk!

Usually I mail the Peanut Butter Cookies, but once I added 5 of the Chocolate to see if Lucas liked them. He loved them!  Shortly afterwards, I received another call from Lucas. "Mamaw, I sad". I asked why he was sad. Lucas answered, "Because I only got to eat 2 of the Chocolate "Mamaw Cookies", and they're gone, and I need more".

Gone, but not forgotten!

When I visited soon afterwards, I made lots of "Mamaw Cookies": Peanut Butter and "Triple Chocolate", covered with Mini M & Ms. Lucas even shared some with the neighbors (but mainly the Peanut Butter; it seems "Triple Chocolate" is now his new favorite!" My son Joshua even took cookies to work and treated his employees1

On a trip to Disney World with granddaughters Aleyna and Abby, I surprised them by baking "Mamaw Cookies" while they were out. They were very excited!

When Aleyna and Abby visited us recently (along with Mommy and Daddy), I made their favorite, a double batch of the Peanut Butter "Mamaw Cookies". There were plenty to eat while they were here, and plenty to take home!

Daughter-in-law Ashley
loves Mamaw Cookies!

"Mamaw Cookies" have often been used by their parents as rewards for the grand-kids.

Here's some examples:

You can get a "Mamaw Cookie...

...for Potty Training:
  • If you go "Stinky" in the Potty
  • If you are dry in the morning

...when they are sick:
  • After you take your medicine
  • After your Breathing Treatment reward good sleeping habits:
  • If you go to bed without crying, you get a treat in the morning
  • If you stay in bed all night reward good behavior, 

...and even to encourage good eating habits:
  • If you make a "Happy Plate" (eating all, or at least most of your vegetables)

Even Lucas's dog Cody loves "Mamaw Cookies"! Watch out! He has been known to quickly snatch one out of baby Landon's hand!

Cody didn't get this cookie!

Although Lucas really loves these cookies, he does share them, although sometimes reluctantly . On a recent visit to his house, my niece Leslie asked if she could have a "Mamaw Cookie". Lucas agreed, but he told her she would have to go "Stinky" in the potty first! He finally decided to let Leslie have one, but, "Just a small one"!

Lucas and Leslie

I mailed cookies to Lucas this week. I included a note to remind him to please share the "Mamaw Cookies"!

I sent plenty of Peanut Butter and Chocolate "Mamaw Cookies" this time!

A Family Reunion is coming up this summer, and I have been asked if I am bringing "Mamaw Cookies". That's a "No-Brainer"! Of course, I'll bake the Peanut Butter and Chocolate. I plan to bake a lot of cookies - for the grandkids, siblings, cousins, parents, etc. Everyone loves "Mamaw Cookies"!

Dear Lucas,

Yes, the Family Reunion is on a Saturday! I'm bringing "Mamaw Cookies". Tell Mommy and Daddy to bring the Chocolate Milk!


The "Mamaw Cookies" arrived!

Check out the recipes!

Nancy's Peanut Butter Bar Cookies

Double Chocolate Bar Cookies

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