Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Money Tree Ornaments

Do you give money gifts at Christmas? Take your gift to a whole new level by turning the money into ornaments to hang on a unique Christmas tree! Links to origami directions for money folding are included.

It's become something of a tradition at our annual family Thanksgiving gathering to give each of the younger grand-kids a small gift. This year, however, the gifts that I bought would not fit in our crowded vehicle. 

I puzzled over this dilemma during the long trip. Giving money seemed the easiest, but that didn't really seem special. 

Finally, I came up with a light-bulb idea - make each an ornament out of the money!

My daughter-in-law Heejin volunteered to help, and we "Googled" and found many designs for easy money folding projects. 

After the money was folded into the desired shape, it was time to make each shape into an ornament. I folded a 9" piece of metallic ribbon and tied the ends into an overhand bow. I then attached the cord to the back of the money shape using a small paperclip.

Tip: It works so much better if your bills are new and stiff!

Here are the ornaments that Heejin and I made. 

Easy Heart

The Shirt

 The House (or Easy Arrow)

Easy Sailboat

The Tree

Easy Butterfly
I originally got the Easy Butterfly directions from, but now it isn't available.

Here's directions for making several Butterfly designs that look like fun!

Decorative Origami Heart

At the family gathering, I told the kids what had happened about the original gifts, and I told them that I made them something special. They were delighted to see ornaments made from money! I asked them to hang the ornaments on their trees when they returned home, and they could spend the money after Christmas. 

Now that's a Money Tree!

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