Thursday, May 21, 2015

Freestanding Foam Core Clown Poster

We wanted  a "freestanding" clown poster to welcome our guests to the Circus Birthday Party for 2 grand-kids, and here's the result. This simple, low-cost, project from a $1.00 piece of foam core board goes a step further: when the poster is removed, the stand is reusable.

"Freestanding" Clown Poster

WANTED:  a "freestanding" clown poster to welcome our guests to the Greatest Birthday Show on Earth. Mia said the clown had to be a girl (of course). 

I wanted to create a reusable board to hold the poster, so I first trimmed a sheet of poster board to fit a piece of foam core board that I had purchased at Dollar Tree for $1.00. The foam core board is 20" x 30", and the poster board is 22" x 28".  I just trimmed 2" off one side of the poster board, making it 20" x 28". When attached, 2" of the foam core board will show, so I put that end on the bottom. Option: You could trim that 2" off.

I "googled" clown images, and Mia liked this one best. I quickly sketched the girl clown onto poster board and traced it with a Sharpie Marker. 

Mia colored the design with crayons and water-color markers.

I used small bulldog clips to attach the poster to the foam board on the top and sides.

Next, I created a stand for the foam board. Think "paper dolls"!!  I cut a length of corrugated cardboard 28" x 3" and rounded the ends. 

I folded the corrugated cardboard and cut a  1-1/2" slit about 3" from each end.

I used scissors to widen the slits to allow for the thickness of the foam board. I "slightly slanted" the slits toward the center.

I then cut 2 slits (1-1/2") in the bottom of the foam core board, about 3-1/4" from each end.

Finally, when I slid the stand on, the cardboard snugly fit on the foam board, making it freestanding! (Whew! I breathed a deep sigh of relief!!)

The poster looked great at the Circus Birthday Party, the 

Greatest Birthday Show on Earth!

Nancy's Notes:

  • This board can easily display posters at other parties. 
  • When the stand is removed, it folds flat for storing.
  • For a larger board, you can purchase large sheets of foam board at office supply and hardware stores.
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