Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's a "Toy Story" Birthday Party!

"Reach for the sky!" It's a Toy Story Birthday Party for grandson Lucas! You are invited to check out the decorations, food, and cupcakes, as well as the handmade Pizza Planet Banner and "Woody" costume! "Yee-haw! Giddyup, pardner! We've gotta get this wagon train a-movin'!"

"Howdy partner"! 

Lucas loves his Toy Story figures, so it's time to get them out of the Toy Box and let them join in his 3rd birthday party celebration! 

The "Woody" Costume

First things first, of course Lucas needed something special to wear! Click to see the photos and directions for his "Woody costume" that I created specially for him. 

The birthday boy and Daddy!

"Reach for the sky"!
Lucas shares his hat with Daddy

The Decorations

It's party time! Step through the Streamer-lined doorway and see the decorations! It's time to celebrate!

Colorful streamers beckon  all to enter!
Daughter-in-Law Natalie ordered the Toy Story Printable Party on Etsy to make the "Happy Birthday, Lucas" banner, Cupcake Toppers, Water Labels, food cards, etc. She then printed everything and cut them out. She printed the birthday banner on card-stock and hung it with ribbon. Doesn't the Birthday Banner look great?

Balloons make parties more festive, and this gigantic Buzz Lightyear certainly set the mood! A medium-sized Buzz Lightyear and other balloons hung above the fireplace.

Lucas helped his cousin Brittni blow up the vibrant green and blue balloons. It was actually more cost effective to buy this disposable helium tank set which included balloons than to buy the helium balloons already blown up! It was also easier to transport the balloons home! If you have ever driven with a car full of helium balloons, you know what I mean!

Balloons with weights at the Food Table
Lucas loves blowing up balloons!

Natalie ordered colorful 16" Kiwi Fluffy Decorations online from Party City. They looked great hanging from the ceiling.

The Pizza Planet Banner

I am always up for a challenge, so when Natalie handed me this tiny graphic and asked if I could create a large Pizza Planet Banner, it made my day! Directions for the banner can be found at: http://www.msnancysnook.com/2014/11/pizza-planet-banner-diy.html

Original Graphic

Completed Banner; decorations in progress!

The Cake

Natalie found someone on Facebook to bake the amazing layered Toy Story Birthday Cake. One layer was chocolate cake and the other was vanilla. The cake was iced with butter cream, and fondant decorations were added. Lucas's Mini Toy Story Figures added the perfect touch!

Serious business:
Lucas enjoys his birthday cake!
The Cupcakes

Toy Story Cupcake Papers were used for the cupcakes made from Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix. I followed the directions on the package to mix and bake the cupcakes. It smelled sooooooo good!

We used a 1/4 cup measure to get about the same amount of batter in each. 

Lucas - Master Chef in the making!

Freshly baked cupcakes - Yum, Yum!!

The recipe for the "light and fluffy" frosting for the cupcakes was Whipped Vanilla Buttercream. I used a disposable pastry bag and an M1 Wilton tip to create swirls on the cupcakes, and green and blue colored sugar was sprinkled on. 

Creaming the butter for the frosting

Cupcakes, anyone?

A Tower of Toy Story Cupcakes

Buzz Lightyear
 plates and napkins
The dessert table is made more festive with Toy Story Confetti.
The Food...

Platters of crunchy Vegetables with dip, a cheese and pepperoni platter, chips and salsa, and a variety of crackers provided lots of opportunity to "munch"! And who could forget Grandma Wanda's delicious Famous Wings that she bakes in her own special sauce? Of course, at Pizza Planet there's always lots of PIZZA!!

Lots of Pizza in every variety!

...and drinks

The "Drinks Table" featured assorted soft drinks, ice-cold milk, and Toy Story bottled water. The labels for the water were printed on copy paper and taped on the bottles after the original label was removed.

Got thirst?

Toy Story Water - the thirst quencher!

The Games

It's time for more fun and games! Pin the tail on Bullseye was fun for the kids as well as fun for the adults to watch!

Lucas pins the tail on Bullseye??

If you have watched the Toy Story movies, you will remember "The Claw"! The kids loved catching and playing with their own "Little Green Men"!

"The Clawwwwwww"

"The claw chooses who will go,
and who will stay!"

Both "The Claw" and  "Disney's Toy Story Big Bucket O Little Green Men" are available from Amazon.

The Presents

Cowboy hat
from Mamaw and Papaw

Fire Station from Mommy and Daddy

...and more and more presents...


Everyone had an awesome time at the Toy Story Birthday Party for Lucas, and Lucas still had lots of energy left at the end of the day!!

Lucas with Mommy and Daddy 

As for the rest of us, I think it's time 

for some - 

much needed - 

Thanks for coming to the party! Kids, don't forget your "Toy Story Treat Bag"! It has lots of cool surprises inside!

Nancy's Notes:

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"Yee-haw!!" It was an awesome party!!

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