Monday, December 16, 2013

Honeycomb Ribbon Angel Ornament

Need a quick and easy, low-cost, ornament for your Christmas tree? This "Honeycomb Ribbon Angel Ornament" is beautiful year after year, and also works as a decoration or attached to a package. I first made this ornament at a ski resort craft class, and I have taught this craft to countless others - from First Grade to adults!

Materials for 1 angel:

18" Honeycomb Ribbon
1 - 16mm wooden head bead (or similar size)
1/2 of a 12" Metallic chenille stem
12" Metallic string or narrow cord 


Cut the 12" metallic chenille stem in half using wire cutters or old scissors. Put 1 piece aside for another angel.

Fold the chenille stem in half, forming a small circle around the tip of your pinkie finger. Twist the stem, creating a small halo.

Insert both pieces of the chenille stem through the wooden head bead, being careful that the face on the bead is turned correctly. Push the head bead to the halo, and fold halo slightly at an angle. Set aside.

Cut a 6" and 12" strip of Honeycomb Ribbon.

Accordion-fold the 6" strip of Honeycomb Ribbon. I make the folds approximately 5/8". 

Pick up the head bead/stem and insert both ends of the chenille stem through the middle, creating wings. 

Accordion-fold the 12" strip of Honeycomb Ribbon. 

Carefully insert 1 piece of the chenille stem through the top holes. 

Starting at the other end, carefully insert the other piece of chenille stem through the top holes.

Gently pull both pieces of the chenille stem until the skirt is against the wings. 

Round both ends of the chenille stem around your thumb, creating arms. If one stem is longer than the other, cut using wire cutters. Add a metallic cord for hanging.

An angel is born!

Shimmering on the tree!

Nancy's Notes:

  • If you cannot find wooden head beads at your local craft store, they are available at Etsy and eBay. I have bought plain wooden beads and painted the faces on using acrylic paint. When the paint is dry, follow with clear spray that is safe for acrylic paint.  
  • Honeycomb Ribbon is also great for bows and decorating; it can even be used outdoors.

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