Friday, November 15, 2013

Cornucopia Snacks

My Cornucopia Snacks are super quick and easy, and they make great Thanksgiving Table decorations and/or place cards. This is also a "delicious" kids' classroom activity culminating a study of the First Thanksgiving.


Ritz Crackers
Chocolate Creme cookies
1 can of white frosting (or make your own)
Runts Candy


Put some frosting in a Ziploc sandwich bag. Carefully squeeze the frosting to one corner while pressing the air out of the bag. Use scissors to "snip" about 1/8" off the corner, and close the bag. 

Gently squeeze a small amount of frosting in the center of the cookie or cracker.

Place the Bugle on top of the frosting with end pointing up. Squeeze more frosting on the open end of the Bugle.

Place Runts fruit candies on top of the frosting. Add more frosting, if needed, to secure the candies.

Cute and delicious!

It's so easy to "mass-produce these snacks!

Very colorful as well as appetizing!

Kids love to make and eat these!

No-chocolate version

For the place card, trim a note card to desired size. Use a marker and straight edge for the design, and write the guests' names on the cards.

Place a Cornucopia Snack on the card. Fall leaves and pumpkins add a festive touch.

Ms. Nancy's Notes:

  • You may use your own frosting recipe instead of canned frosting, but make sure that it is soft enough to squeeze easily.
  • I normally use a freezer bag for frosting, but this snack requires such a small amount, and canned frosting is soft enough to be easily squeezed out of a sandwich bag.
  • Vanilla cookies may be used instead of the chocolate cookies or Ritz Crackers.
  • Small gummy fruits may be used instead of the Runts.
Give thanks, and let the feast begin!

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